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DSTelecom CARPA-10 (1CH) [2G]
Product Name:   CARPA-10 (1CH)
MFG:   DS Telecom
Model:   DSTelecom
Item#   JCWCarpa10
SKU#   DS8809282490101
Origin:   KOREA (South Korea)
CARPA-10 (1Channel)

Angle (Front) : 96°(V) X 119°(H) X 121°(D)
Resolution : VGA 640x480 / 30fps
Sensor : 1/4" CCD&CMOS
Rated Voltage : DC 12-24V
External Memory : SD Card, 2GB~32GB support (Product comes with 2G SD Memory)
Video Format : H.264
Unit Dimension(LxWxH)/mm : 65(W)x71(L)x60(H) / mm

1. Optimum Image Quality
- Provides optimum image quality using 1.5 mega pixels resolution lens.
- Ultimate image recording 24 frame per a second
- Provides excellent picture quality by 120 degrees lens angle 
 2. Convenient SD Memory card
- SD / SDHC card Support
- CUP support Flash memory 512MB up to 32GB
- 18MB file optimum size for high resolution 
 3. 3D Shock Sensor
- Built-in G-Sensor detect impact, acceleration, deceleration to automatically record video images of accidents.
- Tri-directional(X,Y,Z) acceleration data and GPS data are stored 
 4. Continuance recording, Normal & Event data separate recording
- The video images are sorted periodically for easier search
- Automatic recording feature for 15 seconds before and 20 seconds after accident respectively 
 5. VOD play and data secure
- Propriety software is installed in SD memory card. That installs and runs easily when it is connected to PCs. Users can play the recorded images with VGA quality.
- Provides easy controlling features not only for playing images and sounds but also for searching, enlarging, and reducing images, screen printouts, saving etc.
- PC software has password set up function for data secure. 
 6. Monitor Out at event area (TV out)
- CARPA system can play video immediately at event spot point by use TV out cable connect to monitor as like navigation and TV and pc monitor. 
 7. Print Out
- Allows printing VOD and JPEG images of an accident file by PC software.
- Print out GPS and Speed data with Year/month/day/time included.
 8. Multi-converts
- PC software provide file convert function for Video file play by PC and other media player. (MP4 file convert and JPEG image convert) 
 9. Battery Monitoring
- Automatically stops taking pictures before the battery is completely out. (Power consumption: 1.5W, 12V) 
 10. Multi voltage
- The device can be installed in all vehicles with free-voltage feature (DC12V~24V) 
 11. Emergency button recording 
- Data can be stored without impacts with Emergency button necessary images are stored as proofs
- The recording is saved as an accident file type and it doesn`t automatically get deleted.
- It requires user`s confirmation when you want to delete. 
 12. GPS Module & Mapping
- The GPS module receives location information that enables the site of an accident to be traced.
- It also enables the driving path of the vehicle to be determined by uploading into Google Maps. 

Product package including :
Carpa-10 Blackbox, Cigarette Power Cable, Ties & Double Tape Hinges, 2G SD Memory, Memory Reader, English Manual.
Delivery will be completed within 5-10 business days (in U.S customers only) of the date you place your order. Please check your account and your order can be tracked.

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